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With our procedure management plugin

Improve company efficiency and gain control over your business while reducing costs. Through process automation, you will be able to automate pieces of training for new employees, reduce the response time on repetitive requests and run your business from anywhere in the world – all while keeping consistency in practices and a reduced level of execution errors.


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The difference between a successful
company and a struggling one

Have you ever wondered how successful companies do it? How do they manage thousands of employees spread across numerous departments and consistently deliver good results?
Without exception, large and successful companies automate all business processes. They have documentation, protocols, and procedures – all of which are rarely found in small businesses. And that’s one simple reason why most small businesses are struggling.

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Your job is NOT to put out fires.
Your job is to prevent fires.

There are many things that you have no control over. The economy, the weather, financial markets – your business has to adapt to the external environment. However, you do have control over your internal business processes and should start perfecting them now.
Are you constantly facing the negative outcomes of recurring problems? Or have you found their source and know the problems will never occur again?
Do you prevent fires or put out fires all the time?
Profitability, efficiency, and a great team are the results of qualitative processes rather than the reverse. You can now work better, faster, and more efficiently by automating business processes.

Your complete Procedure Management Tool

easy start
Easy Start

Install the WordPress plugin and introduce all your employees, departments, and procedures. A template will enable you to quickly add new procedures in a timely and easy manner.

simple employee access
employee access

We’re keeping things simple. Employees can only view and access the procedures involving their jobs. Staff cannot make any changes in the procedures without your permission.

instant communication

All the parties involved are instantly notified when a new procedure is added or an existing one is modified. We then make sure that everyone got the news by requesting their confirmation.

constant process improvment
process improvement

Your team can now publicly suggest new and better ways of doing business. Create an environment that’s optimized for efficiency yet open to creativity and innovation.

Put your business on Autopilot and you'll...

  • Minimize and prevent employee errors
  • Have a consistent company response, always on time
  • Train your employees faster
  • Have more time to focus on what matters
  • Be able to franchise your business
  • Run Your business from anywhere in the world

Easy management of company policies

Keep company know-how safe

Keep your company know-how, which is represented by your procedures (the way you do things), on your safe server where your website is hosted. Easily transfer this know-how across teams and new employees.

High compliance rate

Your company policies will have an impressive compliance rate thanks to the automatic notification system. Your staff will be constantly reminded of the policies they need to comply with and follow.

Advanced search functionality

Your staff can find the needed procedures on time by using the built-in search function. You can search for specific content both from the policy title and body.

Transparent growth

Encourage your employees to contribute to the growth of the company with new ideas on improving work by allowing them to suggest improvements to policies they are in charge of.

Information integrity

You can now make sure that all company policies are up-to-date, trustworthy, consistent, and accurate. Certain procedures can have a limited lifetime that ends with a designated team member’s review and re-acceptance.

Time saver

Save precious time writing and implementing new policies by using the procedure template. Furthermore, all the necessary documents for completing a certain procedure will be available through an accessible link.

You need a procedure management solution if...

  • You want a more efficient business
  • You need to reduce costs
  • You lose efficiency when key employees leave the company
  • You want to gain more control over your business
  • You have no automated process for creating policies
  • It is difficult to track who did what
  • You have to manually handle all procedures

Check the Manual to see how to configure the plugin correctly and work faster, better and more efficiently

Take your business to the next level with a powerful
Procedure Management Plugin


Small companies
  • Number of Users: 5
  • Number of Departments: 3
  • Email notifications: instant
  • Search function
  • Procedure acceptance
  • Export pdf
  • Full version history with Track changes
  • Procedure scheduled review
  • Procedure templates
  • Email notifications: set cron
  • Activity log


Companies with several departaments
  • Number of User: 50
  • Number of Departments: 15
  • Email notifications: instant
  • Email notifications: set cron
  • Search function
  • Procedure acceptance
  • Export pdf
  • Procedure scheduled review
  • Procedure templates
  • Activity log
  • Full version history with Track changes


Only the best
  • Number of User: no limit
  • Number of Departments: no limit
  • Email notifications: instant
  • Email notifications: set cron
  • Search function
  • Procedure acceptance
  • Export pdf
  • Procedure scheduled review
  • Procedure template
  • Activity log
  • Full version history with Track changes

You gain lifetime access to the Plugin by purchasing any of the packages. Access to technical support and updates is only available for 1 year from the date of your purchase. The yearly fee applies again after 1 year to gain access to continuous updates and new functionalities (the payment is recurring so you won’t have to worry about manually repurchasing one of the packages).


What should I do after paying the extra option: installation and configuration?-

After purchasing the installation and configuration service of the Extra plugin: please communicate to us by email: the date and the way you want to be contacted in order to send us the credentials necessary for the implementation.

I can't complete the order process! +
Can I use the plugin if I don’t own a WordPress website? +-

No, you can only install and use our plugin on a WordPress website. We can fully set a basic WordPress website for you, with our Procedure Management Plugin installed, all for a small setup fee.

Can I still use the plugin if I don’t pay for the second year? +-

Yes, you can use the plugin forever with the most recent version that was available during the time frame when your license was active. To keep receiving support and updates you’ll need to have a valid license.

Is your plugin WPML compatible?+-

Yes, our plugin is 100% WPML compatible.

Can I upgrade to a more complex version?+-

Yes, you can upgrade anytime and you’ll only have to pay the difference between the new package and the old one. The difference is fixed no matter how long you still have left on your yearly license.

Can I downgrade?+-

No, if you want to downgrade you have to purchase another license.