I. Purchase of a license key
II. Activation of the license key
III. Functionality

IV. Types of subscription

V. Update 2.0
VI. Disable plugin
VII. Upgrade subscription

Instruction Manual
Standard Operating Procedures – SOP Plugin

I. Purchase a license key

Following the purchase of a product available on, the license key will be available for activation (Img. 1).

Img. 1: Product purchase

II. Activation of the license key

The purchased license key, will have to be entered in the “License Management” page (Img. 2)

Img. 2: License key entry menu

From the control panel the option “modules” is chosen and under the name The “Standard operating procedures – SOP” plugin is accessed “Settings”.(Img. 3)

Img. 3: Settings menu

After the license key insertion, the page with the details regarding the purchased subscription will be loaded. (Img. 4)

Img. 4: License details menu

III. Functionality

Once the plugin activation is done, a page will be created that will contain all the categories of the procedures. So it can be accessed, this page can be added to the site’s menu. (Img. 5)

Img. 5: Procedures page

Adding this page to the site menu, it will be accessed from Control panel, option Appearance → Menus Menus and the ‘SOP – Procedures’ page is added. (Img. 6 )

Img. 6: Page entry in the menu

The procedures are organized on Categories, and each team member has access to the procedures addressed to him directly for fulfilling the specific tasks of the position he occupies, but also common procedures concerning the whole team. Each category
page will contain only the procedures that are part of that category.(Img. 7)

Img. 7: Procedures page in a category

SOP has a notifications system set up that sends an email to each person with the procedures that were aded or modified since last accessing them. Upon receipt of the email you must view every pocedure received and ACCEPT the changes (you must be
logged in your acount). Each procedure allows you to view the publication date and the update date.(Img. 8)

Img. 8: Procedure acceptance button

1. Create departments

Departments can be created from Control panel selecting the menu Procedures – departments.(Img. 9)

Img. 9: Create department – variant 1

Another option of Adding departments is from the block “Document” when you add new procedure. (Img. 10)

Img. 10: Create department – variant 2

2. Create categories – procedures

Categories of procedures can be aded from Control panel selecting the option “Categories – procedures”(Img. 11)

Img. 11: Creating categories-procedures – variant 1

or from the block “Document” when adding a new procedure (Img.12)

Img. 12: Creating categories-procedures – variant 1

3. Assign users to departments

Users can be allocated to the departments from the “Users” menu. (Img. 13)

Img. 13: Assign users to departments – Users page

Select the option “Department management” and the users for whom the allocations desired, and from menu that opens, the departments will be selected. (Img. 14)

Img. 14: Department selection menu for users

Individual allocation of any user is possible to each department. This function is possible from the “Edit user” or “Add user” screen. The “Edit department” button forom “Department management” Will open choice menu of the departments. (Img. 15)

Img. 15: Assign users to departments – Edit user / Add user page

IV. Subscription Type

1.STANDARD subscription

From the “general setings” menu you can choose if you want to use default style of the plugin. The use of a STANDARD subscription imposes a number of restrictions:

Img. 16: Settings page – Standard subscription

2.Full Subscription

Using a FULL subscription involves: :

Img. 17: Procedures template

In addition, from the menu “General settings” it can set:

Img. 18: Pagina setări – abonament Full

3.CORPORATE Subscription

Using a CORPORATE subscription involves:

In addition, din the menu “General settings” it can set:

Update 2.0

Export pdf – option available for all subscription types

Using this menu you can select and export the procedures.

Img. 19: Export pdf

Activity log – option available for Full and Corporate subscription

In this section you can see a history of users who have edited or deleted procedures

Img. 20: Activity log

Full version history – option available for all subscription types

This update highlights the changes made to the procedure, in this way we make sure that the recipient of the procedure has taken note of what has been changed.

Img. 21: Full version history

V. Disable plugin

From the “General settings” menu you can choose if you want to delete all the information related to the plugin “SOP – Standard Operating Procedures” from the database when uninstalling the plugin.

VI. Upgrade subscription

To upgrade your subscription, you need to sign in to your account.

Img. 22: Login

If you are already logged in, click on “Account”

Img. 23: Account

Step 1, on the profile page, click on “View license”

Img. 24: Upgrade-step1

Step 2, click on “View upgrades”

Img. 25: Upgrade-step2

Step 3, click “Update License”

Img. 26: Upgrade-step3

You will then be redirected to the “Checkout” page, where you can check your billing information and complete the upgrade process.